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Renelif Advanced

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RENELIF advanced is the most efficient at-home, anti-aging device available.

The unique next-generation technology perfectly blends highly advanced targeted, pre-configured-integrated fractional light energy with dermal heat energy to safely reach and heal dermis skin layer to assist rejuvenate collagen fibers.

Welcome to the prestige and the peace of mind offered by the anti-aging medically proven at home device. Proven by the FDA as a clinical device, RENELIF Advanced is a smart, ultra-powerful and sleek device.

The transformational, professional, FDA-approved anti-aging clinical gadget offers instant  and long-term skin renewal results.

The dermatologist recommended and medically tested anti-aging gadget may be utilized practically on any area around the facial skin, like cheeks, under the eyes, crow’s feet, etc.

The heat and fractional light are professionally mixed; resulting in production of stimulated collagen.

RENELIF advanced have the ability to take care of pores and fine lines while simultaneously penetrating deep into the skin to take care of discoloured spots and larger wrinkles.

This results to enhanced skin tone and texture with drastically reduced pore size, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Achieve instant transformations with longer lasting outcomes.

The fundamental key to a youthful look is right in the palm of your hands.

Treatment Characteristics

  • A luxurious gorgeous hand-piece
  • Improved skin texture and wrinkle-less looking skin  
  • Professional outcomes at home use
  • No additional accessories needed
  • Treatment is just but a breeze– can be done while watching TV
  • Realize dramatic results immediately after treatment
  • Incredible skin sensations during and after use, like warming, skin softening and tightening
  • Long-lasting anti-aging advantages

Which Areas Can Be Healed

This dermatologist recommended, and medically proven anti-aging gadget may be utilized practically on any area around the facial skin, like cheeks, under the eyes, crow’s feet, etc.

Renelif Advanced is mainly designed for facial treatment, but it can also be utilized on the neck area.

The skin near the eyes can be treated with the clinically tested device without the need to use safety goggles during use courtesy of a special feature with-in the cutting-edge device enabling it to emit energy and perform only when in touch with the skin.

Before You Begin

After drying and cleansing your skin, you can utilize Renelif Advanced directly on the skin, or you can apply an approved and recommended serum for use with Renelif Advanced.

Apply the dedicated serum onto the whole face.

After the treatment process, it is suggested that you use a highly moisturizing and dedicated cream on the skin areas that were treated. 

How To Use 

  • Wash the skin with the assistance of a skin toner and a milk cleanser. Then make the skin completely dry. Ensure that the skin is dry and clean before use
  • Attach your adapter plug and attach Renelif Advanced to an electrical outlet
  • Switch on the power switch on the Renelif Advanced once and then wait for indicator marked with a green light to switch on. Renelif Advanced is now ready for application.
  • A clinically tested and recommended serum may be generously spread on your skin before use. ( Renelif Advanced can be utilized directly onto dry clean skin, or with a medically approved and recommended serum)
  • Glide Renelif Advanced gently while placing the metal part along the face. Led light will automatically switch on immediately upon contact with the skin. The heat will slowly and gradually rise.
  • Apply gentle, light pressure as you slowly move Renelif Advanced in circular motions along the skin.
  • The treatment should be performed for as little as five minutes on each and every area.

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