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Facial Duo TR26

Facial Duo

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The Facial Duo from the Ultimate Pearl Skin Care collection includes:


An ultimate facial peeling gel which helps cleanse, brighten, de-pollute and condition the skin, creating a softer, lighter and fresher looking complexion. 

This gentle formula contains a rare blend of ingredients to thoroughly and comfortably remove dead skin cells, 

excess oil and impurities leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth, revealing a new healthy glow. 

Application: gently massage a small quantity in soft circular motions onto dry skin. Wait 1 to 2 minutes and remove by massaging until the peeling effect occurs. 

Avoid applying to the eye contour area. Rinse with lukewarm water. 

ULTIMATE PEARL Protecting And Defending Cream 

An exquisite and exceptionally gentle skin care that contains a rare blend of ingredients to help protect, defend, de-pollute and nourish the skin. 

This ultimate formula thoroughly and comfortably treats the skin, leaving it feeling luxuriously comfortable and supple. 

Application: onto cleansed skin in soft circular motions. 


The Facial Duo Ultimate Pearl Skin Care collection:

  • SUPER GENTLE - A gentle facial peeling gel for a complete skin makeover in two minutes. Gently removes skin impurities without hurting or irritating the skin bringing younger, fresher skin to the surface. 
  • SKIN BRIGHTENING - facial peeling gel helps reveal brighter, clearer skin as it assists in reversing damage caused by exposure to the elements and reduces the appearance of skin discoloration, wrinkles and dark spots for a more youthful appearance.

  • PROTECTING & DEFENDING : wrinkle cream balances skin and protects it from dehydration and irritation for soft and smooth skin. A non-greasy, long-lasting moisturizer that is quickly absorbed and non-comedogenic. 
  • PERFECT BALANCE: Light weight, wrinkle cream, perfectly balancing and miraculously hydrating without any tackiness. This anti-aging daily use face cream leaves skin looking smooth and supple by restoring skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss
  • Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel - (Use this facial peel 2-3 times a week in the evening) Apply a small amount of the peeling gel onto dry skin. By using the tips of your fingers rub the gel in small circular movements until you get the peeling effect. Rinse off any remaining residue using lukewarm water or a toner and apply moisturizer after.

  • ULTIMATE PEARL Protecting And Defending Cream (Use this moisturizer twice daily.) Apply cream onto a freshly cleansed face. Take an adequate amount of the cream and dab it on your face in all regions. Rub gently into the skin. The cream helps offer all day protection against all elements and moisturizes the top layers of the skin.

Use With

Ultimate Soothing Toner : A gentle, hydrating and non-drying product designed to thoroughly and comfortably cleanse, soothe, tone and de-pollute your skin. 

Ultimate Pearl Creamy Cleansing Milk : Rich, smooth, de-polluting cleansing milk which gently cleanses impurities and makeup. This mild, gentle skin loving formula comfortably and thoroughly cleanses, calms and tones giving the skin a soft and smooth feeling, enhancing a new healthy glow.


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