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Like an oyster with its pearl, Trersor takes years upon years to cultivate the essence of lavishness. Trésor Rare contains the luster of quality gold, sapphire and diamond dust, and rare pearls, as well as all of the world’s wealth of organics liposomes and plant stem cells to formulate the line that will enhance the richness of your natural, youthful beauty. The prime ingredients in our potions work together with unparalleled results for an incipiently youthful appearance.

Our commitment to unprecedented skincare has made Trésor Rare the choice of the most selective population. We have taken the pledge to forever pursue everlasting beauty and undying youth with the finest skincare and to hear from our customers only further fuels our desire for perfection.

The mentions below are from those who take the time to present their feedback. We consider these reviews our badges of honor. We are always looking for comments from anyone who is introduced to Trésor Rare, so please feel free to add to our collection, no matter what you have to say.
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Customer Reviews
I have been using this product for two weeks now and I'm completely happy with the results. For the first time my face has been moisturized without any oily feeling. I can even apply my standard makeup right after application. I'm loving the results!
Nina Fickett Oct 12, 2017 From: arizona, United States 5
I bought a full assortment of the Tresor Rare products when on vacation. I got home and was totally confused as to when to do what. I called Customer Service and spoke with CHELSIE who was a god-send and got me organized with the products.

She took the time to email me directions for each product I bought and the order in which to administer. Many many thanks to the very BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE rep a company could ever hope to have—hats or wrinkles off to CHELSIE!
Susan Wager Aug 07, 2017 From: VA, United States 5
I like the way my skin looks after I use the Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Thermal Mask. I use it twice a week. I also use the Tourmaline Essence daily. The sales people were very helpful and made sure I knew how to use the products.
Kristi Aug 03, 2017 From: California , United States 5
The woman who we helped us gave a demo for every thing that we were looking to purchase. She helped explain every ingredient used in the products and how healthy they were. For such a wonderful high-end store everyone was approachable and friendly. Wonderful experience from start to finish.
Erin Aug 02, 2017 From: Georgia, United States 5
I purchased a set that included cleanser, the facial peel, and moisturizer. It was, by far, the best skincare I have EVER purchased. It smells so good and has made my skin really soft. I noticed a difference after one use. I also had a few breakouts and used the peel and I noticed the breakouts had diminished after using it one time. Incredible! I will never purchase another brand of skin care.
Angela D Jul 31, 2017 From: PA, United States 5
Customer service was the best. Replaced a damaged bottle of after shave and included an extra gift.
This exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Dan
Dan Jul 31, 2017 From: ar, United States 5
I've had a chance to use the products and absolutely love them. They smell wonderful and my skin feels fabulously smooth. It's like a mini spa treatment at home ;)
Elizabeth Jul 27, 2017 From: United States 5
Worth every penny!
Belinda Quinn Jul 27, 2017 From: United States 5
I was given a sample of your BX skin relaxor cream and loved its texture so went back intending to buy some more. I found myself walking out with virtually a full spectrum of your skin care range and considerably poorer !! I am persevering and am waiting for some complimentary comments from friends that I have ben rejuvenated !!
sagaqueen Jul 25, 2017 From: middlesex, United Kingdom 5
Chelsie at TR was amazing. She fixed my problem by sending me a new product and then followed up on tracking and delivery. That rarely happens!
Lauren Jul 25, 2017 From: United States 5
I discovered these great products at my recent Holiday to Nassaub - they are amazing. I highly recommend Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Ultra Wrinkle Filler. I am extremely satisfied with it.
Jill Jul 19, 2017 From: Denmark 5
I purchased Tresor products while vacation in Alaska. They shipped everything to my home. Ernesto was very helpful and I love all the products that I purchased.
Mindy Labiner Jul 18, 2017 From: Florida, United States 5
I recently received a defective product and was pleased that after contacting customer service and communicating with Chelsie I received a replacement within a couple of days. Love the way this line of skin care makes my skin look and feel so much better.
Donna Jul 18, 2017 From: ZC, United States 5
During a nice family holiday in Nassau, my in-law mom and I discovered these great products. I highly recommend Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Ultra Wrinkle Filler - its absolutely amazing! Excellent customer service - 100% satisfaction
Jill Jul 17, 2017 From: Denmark 5
Excellent line and utmost customer service
Rubi Jul 17, 2017 From: Nc, United States 5
Service was exceptional. Face cream was a dream with me seeing instant results!

Suzane Jul 14, 2017 From: Hawaii, United States 5
I love the Relaxor Thermal Mask. My face feels so much better after.
Teresa Jul 12, 2017 From: Tennessee, United States 5
I just have to add another five star rating for Chelsie.
I had some problems with Tresor products I had purchased in Lahaina, Ha. And contacted Tresor.
Chelsie has gone way above the mark to make me happy.
She is incredible...always in total communication.
Can not thanks you enough Chelsie. You have completely turned me around with the Tresoe line. Love it and you.
Thank you so much again.
Maureen AdamsAbbott Jul 11, 2017 From: Oregon, United States 5
I love the quality of these products. My favorite line is the pearl collection but the BX line is wonderful as well.
Luci Jul 11, 2017 From: virginia, United States 5
I've been using the Ultimate Pearl line of products for a couple of weeks now and have noticed a serious improvement in the texture of my skin. The Blue Sapphire Age Defying eye products are my newest favorite thing.
Beth Jul 06, 2017 From: IL, United States 5
Thank you so much Ezakiel for your excellent welcome and the way you received me at Nassau, Bahamas.
The experience was amazing, the products are awesome and you are certainly perfect in what you do.
Thank you!!
Claudia Almeida Jul 02, 2017 From: Portugal 5
The products are amazing. I bought them while I was in Vegas. The consultants were amazing, knowledgable, and super friendly. My skin feels and looks so much better
Jenny Jun 23, 2017 From: Indiana, United States 5
Chelsie De Decker assisted me with an issue concerning Tresor NOLA store and I must say she is the reason I will continue to be a customer.
Her attention to my needs were above and beyond great customer service, she provides exemplary service!
Thank you Chelsie for being AWESOME!

Diane Jun 20, 2017 From: AUSTIN TEXAS, United States 5
tony S was very nice and did a nice job with the product demonstration. He was very helpful when I had questions about my purchase. I did like the aesthetic of the store in the mall. Very calming and pleasant.
Sarah Jun 20, 2017 From: Kentucky, United States 5
Tresor Rare is the best of the best never in my life have use such an amaizing products, 100% satisfaction!!!
Mina Jun 15, 2017 From: Texas, United States 5
I purchased the essence, thermal mask and BX cream while on vacation in Florida. I was skeptical about the claims of the salesman, but after a demonstration I was convinced this was a different thing. I could tell almost an immediate difference in my skin and am very pleased with the results after using it for about 6 weeks
Sarah Jun 12, 2017 From: TX, United States 5
During my honeymoon I've purchased some products from Ezekiel at Tresor Rare,Nassau (Bahamas). He gave me the best customer service and the products are amazing!
Laetitia Jun 07, 2017 From: Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles 5
Tresor Rare products are worth the money they are age defying and do exactly what they are supposed Rd to do. The are age defying. Although expensive the superiority is well worth the cost!

Online support is fantastic quick replies to emails. Hof.
Evenly Macey Jun 03, 2017 From: Kentucky, United States 5
I'm very pleased with the customer service. I had to return a product and received an exchange quickly and courteously. Thank you, Chelsea!
Jan May 23, 2017 From: NC, United States 5
Purchased the whole line because of the long lasting results
Jacky robert May 22, 2017 From: New york, United States 5
One month ago I bought the lifting mask from adam and I just love it!!
I look 10 years younger!
Thanks you adam for everything, you are amazing!
Sheron May 22, 2017 From: United States 5
Met with Hilary S in Nassau, Bahamas for explanation/demo of products. She was absolutely AMAZING!!!! And very knowledgeable with all products. She presented the express tightening cream and demonstrated it on my mother in law, and the end product was unbelievable! My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes. She used the pearl facial peel on myself, and I absolutely loved it. My mother in law and I both purchased products demonstrated. Your company is extremely lucky to have Hilary, she's an invaluable asset and she's bilingual too, which is a plus!!!
Taris May 20, 2017 From: Naugatuck , United States 5
I purchased my Tresor Rare products from Ezekiel in Nassau. He is a Tresor trainer and extremely knowledgeable. I will be ordering additional products from him in the future! Orders include free shipping as well. I couldn't be happier with this skin care line!
Judy May 16, 2017 From: Florida, United States 5
I was in the Bahamas, as a yoga teacher, really enjoying the Boutique Tresor Rare. Here Ezakiel give me professional advices to take care of my skin, specially about sensitive skin. He takes time to explain me the things I have to do to improve the state of my facial skin, by showing different types of products.
Francine May 09, 2017 From: France 5
I was in the Bahamas a few weeks ago and met up with Ezakiel at the store there. Now It's only been a few weeks but I am seeing a difference. I must admit I wonder how it could be possible that this could work like I was told but it really seems to work. I also had a question regarding the mask they have so I e-mailed Ezakiel and within 10 mins. I had an answer -- Customer Service is defiantly is A+ and in a few months I'll do a new review on the product after using it more. The manager there, I think Adam (I hope that is correct) was extremely helpful also. I will defiantly re-order through them. I will have to wait to see if it last as long as they say it does, if so it will really be worth the money!
Laurie Apr 09, 2017 From: Georgia, United States 5
I purchased my products in Nassau, Bahamas. I had a problem with the lifting mask and had concerns on a couple of other.

I contacted the company. I was extremely luck to stumble upon Chelsea. This young woman was so gracious and kind. She went above and beyond her job scope to assist me with returning the products.
She was so professional but more importantly, a very kind person. Every customer representative could learn a thing or two from Chelsea. I wish I knew her last name so she could receive full credit because she deserves it.
Tresor Rare is lucky to have her on their staff - what an asset and terrific ambassador for the company. Thank you so much Chelsea! I will continue doing business with the company because of you and yes I really like the products!

Carylanne Rice-Ehalt
Carylanne Rice-Ehalt Mar 17, 2017 From: Connecticut, United States 5
I am very pleased with the customer service. I returned a product and they were very helpful in communication and service. A new product was sent to me in a very timely manner.
gilbert Mar 16, 2017 From: Mn, United States 5
Amazing products
Caroline Mar 09, 2017 From: GA, United States 5
I purchased my facial products on a trip to Las Vegas and I am thrilled with them!!! My husband and I are both using them and already see a noticeable difference in our skin. The Ultimate Pearl facial peel is our favorite!
Katie Garland Mar 07, 2017 From: SC, United States 5
I've recently read a blog post which reviewed Tresor Rare products and I was really intrigued. I decided to go in the store and check their products for myself. The sales representative was very kind and helpful. She matched me to the products which were suitable for my skin type.
Catherine Richardson Feb 19, 2017 From: United States 3
I really like the product
its very help to my face.
Moran s. Richard Feb 18, 2017 From: Arkansas, United States 5
I was skeptical when I was first introduced to this product in Barton Creek Mall. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on things that did not do what I was promised.
With Tresor Rare. Amazing difference in 1 month. Tatyana is wonderful good hearted lady.
She had helped me so much, she listens, and gets you right where you need to be with the right products.
Cindy, her facial lady, OMG, she is just as sweet, Cindy does a wonderful job at doing facials, you just want to fall asleep with her touch. I love when I have a chance to go back and visit them.
It comes down to the old saying. You get what you pay for.
I have been pushing to get this product on the cruise lines. I have wasted lots of money on cruise spa products that do not work 1/4 of how Tresor Rare works.
Suzanne Qasem Feb 17, 2017 From: Texas, United States 5
Decided to take a stroll and ended up in a delightful store and taken care of by a delightful guy. Louis demonstrated the eye product and I could see immediate results. Not only did I purchase several of the products I received a facial that was wonderful. The results are amazing. Not only are the products amazing but it was a restful, relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks Louis and the rest of the staff for a lovely interlude.
Lucinda Feb 17, 2017 From: FL, United States 5


JUNE Feb 16, 2017 From: NY, United States 5
So I was walking down the street at Puerto Banus and I went into the Tresor Pure Boutique.
Avi was there and he used all of the creams and serums on my face. They are unlike any other product line that I have ever seen.

The results were amazing. I told him that I wanted to get a neck lift, but when I researched the procedure, I discovered that I would have to
1) stop smoking
2) sleep upright in a chair for a month
3) Get all bruised up and be in pain. Not gonna happen for me !!I

walked out of the Tresor Pure store looking 20 years younger. Okay. So I thought that Avi might have done something weird. I went back the next week for a free facial and I told Netty that I was so confused. I had purchased 6 things and, well I am not very good at following directions and I was very confused. But guess what? She was so nice and gave me a fantastic treatment.

She understood when I told her that I was confused.I was able to go online and read the instructions and it is really easy !!
So today I used the peel away mask, then I used the cleanser, and then I used the serum and then I used the facial tightening mask on my face and neck.
It took 15 minutes, and ........AMAZING...... I love you guys !!!!
Yvonne Rubin Feb 07, 2017 From: Marbella, Spain 5
While vacationing in charleston,s.c.,I bought a product that in the long run wasn't agreeing with my skin.
I received a phone call from customer service. I explained the situation, and she was more than accommodating. I decided I wanted a moisturizer she told me about since my skin is very dry. It is all natural products, and actually listed some of them for me.

I am thrilled at the prompt, professional, knowledgeable customer service I received!! Thank you again!!
Renee Feb 01, 2017 From: Pa, United States 5
Do you have acne? Do you have dry skin? Then you should totally buy these products. I have roscea which is adult acne. It drys my skin and makes it really red.
These products helped me become more confident in my skin and it keeps me fresh.
It cleared my skin and it looks great! I recommend this to anyone who has any type of skin problem.
Shimi in Ft. Lauderdale was really nice to us because she helped us understand what these products have in them and how it will benefit me.
I'm so happy I bought these and I'll never regret it!
Hipolita Salas Jr. Feb 01, 2017 From: Florida, United States 5
The mask is amazing. Chelsie was such a great help!
Shela McCord Jan 31, 2017 From: Alabama, United States 5
Helt fantastiska produkter, de bästa jag någonsin använt. Använt både mask och peeling.
Såg 10 år yngre ut på en vecka! Kan verkligen rekommenderas. Visste inte att det
fanns så effektiva krämer. Underbart!
Harriet Jan 28, 2017 From: Sweden 5
I purchased my Tresor Rare product in Key West, FL. When I opened my package on Christmas Day I found a big white blob that would not move. I emailed the company and gave them the required information. They immediately sent a new product. The customer service is absolutely the best as well as their product.
Judy Jan 22, 2017 From: Tennessee, United States 5

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