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Like an oyster with its pearl, Trersor takes years upon years to cultivate the essence of lavishness. Trésor Rare contains the luster of quality gold, sapphire and diamond dust, and rare pearls, as well as all of the world’s wealth of organics liposomes and plant stem cells to formulate the line that will enhance the richness of your natural, youthful beauty. The prime ingredients in our potions work together with unparalleled results for an incipiently youthful appearance.

Our commitment to unprecedented skincare has made Trésor Rare the choice of the most selective population. We have taken the pledge to forever pursue everlasting beauty and undying youth with the finest skincare and to hear from our customers only further fuels our desire for perfection.

The mentions below are from those who take the time to present their feedback. We consider these reviews our badges of honor. We are always looking for comments from anyone who is introduced to Trésor Rare, so please feel free to add to our collection, no matter what you have to say.
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Customer Reviews
I love the location at the Mall of Georgia. The staff is like a family. They are always explaining the type of product that is needed to enhance my natural beauty. The product speaks for itself. I have not used any product and was not 100% satisfied.
Michelle Way Jul 31, 2016 From: Georgia, United States 5
Chelsie DeDecker, Corporate Customer Service, is a valuable asset to Tresor Rare franchise.
Through her individual efforts and skills she was able to restore the our confidence in the Tresor Rare franchise and products.
Only through the timely professional and skilled intervention of Ms. Chelsie DeDecker, Tresor Rare Corporate Customer Service, was the situation defused and turned around. Through her patient, caring and professional communication skills she was able to restore our faith in Tresor Rare products and the integrity of its Corporate Franchise. My wife continues to use the products, is pleased with the results, and we may invest in additional Tresor Rare products and/or services in the future, when appropriate, if Tresor Rare continues to focused on caring for it's clientele as gracefully demonstrated by Ms. Chelsie DeDecker.
Consuelo & Allen B Jul 26, 2016 From: TX, United States 5
I had purchased some Tresor Rare products at one of their store representatives. I had some problems so I sent an inquiry to Tresor Rare's customer service. I really didn't expect an answer, but I did. I received an email from Chelsie DeDecker from customer service. She was fantastic. She listened to my problem. I mean she really listened. Within a few days my problems were solved. She stayed in contact with me the whole time. She was fantastic.
This Company really stands by their products. This was the best customer service I ever had. I have been in the customer service business for over 30 years so I know what customer service is all about. This truly was the best.
Nancy Jul 03, 2016 From: Arizona, United States 4
My husband and I where shopping La Jolla one afternoon and passing the Tresor Rare store a young lady approached us and asked if she could show us a product, my husband wanting to rest his feet agreed. Zack on that day happened to be visiting the store and said he would like to demonstrate a face lift product, so I did. Seeing results thereafter I was skeptical as to how long they would last. A couple days later I could still see the results and my skin looked more youthful. I called Zack and scheduled an appointment, I purchased skin care products and the Platinum Diamond Collection.
Now 4 weeks later, using the products and having one face lift treatment........WOW amazing, my skin is looking better everyday.
I have been in the beauty industry for 35 years. I have tried many many many different products, I have facials regularly pretty much every 6 weeks and nothing has given me results like this! I am saying this honestly I see a difference. I am turning 59 on the 26th of this month and this was the best gift ever. My husband sees the difference. My skin looks healthy again, with fullness, moisture and a radiant glow the fine lines have disappeared. The product gives you an ageless result! I am very happy.
Thanks Zack and Tresor Rare.
Terri May 23, 2016 From: Ca, United States 4
Quite simply, these not so simple products work magic.
My experience with Louis from Fort Lauderdale was uplifting for my face and spirit. A true professional who is knowledgable about each product and caring about his clients. I highly recommend Louis and the Tresor Rare products
Lisa Apr 21, 2016 From: New York, United States 5
I happened upon a Tresor store at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. David was awesome and continues to be helpful with my questions. My order had to be shipped due to the size, and it was messed up by one or two products. Well, David got it handled and I got two extra products for my inconvenience! BONUS! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I've had products less than a week, however my skin feels wonderful and visible results are not evident yet, but I am sure they will be!
Gwyn Apr 16, 2016 From: Texas, United States 4
The facial lifting treatment is amazing!
Racheal Westbrook Mar 28, 2016 From: mo, United States 5
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Louis and Tresor Rare for the beyond amazing facial and gold treatment. Words can not express my gratitude for your amazing rejuvenating products. Yes, they are expensive, but I only have one skin and it can not be replaced, it's worth the best care.

Your salt scrub is beyond incredible, I use it once per week as an all over detox and skin renewing treatment, my acupuncturist remarks on the healthy glow and suppleness my skin now has. It tightens and firms while keeping my skin soft.

Your facial masks are incredible and my skin loves you, Thank you Louis for an amazing facial experience, Thank you Benjamin for your care and Thank you Tresor Rare for your wonderful, superb products to healthy, youthful, beautiful skin.
Lynette Mar 24, 2016 From: Arkansas, United States 5
I was recently in Maui, Hawaii on vacation and happily walking along in Lehaina when a wonderful young man enticed me to come into the store. I was very hesitant to do so as I knew it was a sales tactic. I went in anyway. What he showed me was very impressive so I purchased the scrub and a few other products. He then took me down the street and introduced me to Ben at Tresor Rare. He did a complete treatment on me and the results were unbelievable. I was very impressed with Ben and the Tresor Rare products. I left there with a rather sizable purchase. Then I came home to Arizona where there is little humidity. Ben adjusted my products and my skin has never been better. I'm 62 and since using the products from Tresor Rare my skin has improved significantly. Ben gave me his personal number when I have questions he is very accessible and is very supportive in the pursuit of my having better skin. I know this product line is pricey. After years of using the large departments stores "BEST" and most expensive products nothing compares to this. It is worth every penny. I recommend their product line 100%.
Lori Mar 07, 2016 From: Arizona, United States 4
The BX treatment it's amazing I did the non surgical treatment in El Paseo location the guys there are really good they treat me like a queen
Sepically the Portuguese one Natan he is great
And full of charming, I never had a experience like this
Thank you
Diana james Feb 18, 2016 From: Ca, United States 5
Great service! Inquired about order-not received... Morelle in El Paseo in Desert Palms, CA took care of it immediately! Called right back! Customer service by Morelle & Dori is TOP Notch!!!
Tresor Rare is blessed to have such knowledgeable & personable experts who genuinely care about customers! Your product is excellent with remarkable results.... But if Dori had not demonstrated eye product & set up a facial with Morelle- Working me in from out of state...I would have never known how wonderful your products are--nor would I have spent the $.... Immediate results! Fantastic! Thanks! What a team!
Look forward to even more results after regular usage- Morelle even made a personalized calendar schedule of product usage for my personal needs! So appreciative!
Your company is blessed to have Dori & Morelle representing you! May God bless them & your Company!!
Cynthia Jan 26, 2016 From: Alabama, United States 5
Met with Victoria in key west Florida today Explain everything great facial Great service Lucky to have her representing your products
Mike Jan 02, 2016 From: Florida, United States 4
Got a sample of the TresorRare eye zone concentrate, when passing by a shop in Las Vegas.
Tried it's a m a z i n g !!
I just used the last drop and hope that the price will soon drop.
Can't afford the present price.
Maureen Libanon Dec 13, 2015 From: Suriname 5
I was visiting Ft. Lauderdale. Store manager Louis show me the thermal mask and relaxor cream. He applied the mask and I feel immediately heat and result after few minutes. Skin looks radiant and plumper and wrinkles been less noticeable. Louis explained to me how to use the mask and cream and also the peeling mask. I was very excited
how mine skin looks and how great it feel. I was surprised that he also send me e-mail with detail helpful instructions how to use all product. Definitely will visit store again and schedule for the facial when I come next time. Excellent product.Love it.
Eva Dec 07, 2015 From: IL, United States 5
I purchased Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel, Toner & Protecting and Defending Cream, Also Complete Age Defying Collection in September 2015. I have been using for a month and am extremely happy. I will be going for my second facial with Louis next week. My face feels great and most of all I notice a big change on my face where i have spots (Malasma). I use the Ultimate Pearl products every morning and feel great all day. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to feel great about their skin.

Thank you Louis..
Idania Oct 21, 2015 From: FL, United States 5
I've been using several of the products for two weeks. Wow! Louis and Avi in Ft. Lauderdale, thank you. An immediate improvement in the appearance of my face. Being a 55 year old construction manager in the harsh Florida sun most of my day, these products have performed a miracle!
Lena Oct 01, 2015 From: Florida, United States 4
i bought it in london
and its the most expensive skin care i've ever buy, but its really worth it every penny
i bought bx thermal mask, and the serum, and ultimate pearl microdelivery and duo shield
just use it 2 times and the result is amazing
can not wait until 4 weeks and i will posting it on my instagram
Devita Sep 23, 2015 From: jakarta, Indonesia 3
Amazing products!!!! For the first time after trying so many different brands I can actually see results on my skin!!!
Thank you Tal lavi for introducing this brand to me!!
Channel Aug 04, 2015 From: Fort Lauderdale F.L, United States 5
Really amazed at how wonderful the pearls in Ultimate Pearl really brighten up my skin!
Julie Jul 23, 2015 From: United Kingdom 5
Everything is really expensive, but it is worth the investment! My face is glowing!
Scarlett Jul 10, 2015 From: MI, United States 4
All of the sales people are always so awesome and nice. I can trust them with anything. :D
Brooklyn Jun 30, 2015 From: Idaho, United States 4
The Mask Mystique is literally so mysterious. WHAT ARE THE SECRETS?! HOW IS IT SO AMAZING?!
Addison Jun 14, 2015 From: GA, United States 4
The eye zone treatments make my eye area look so much better! I have really bad dark under-eyes and I have a little vein that shows, but this makes it look less apparent. Yaaay 
Aalyiah Jun 06, 2015 From: United Kingdom 4
I use the BX-Skin Relaxor series during a bubble bath once a week like suggested, and it makes my skin look better. I also like the fact that I can relax while I wear it.
Hailey May 25, 2015 From: United Kingdom 5
Ultimate Pearl is AMAZING! I love the Duo Shield and Peel like it’s all so good! My face would normally break out, but now it glows!
Aria May 18, 2015 From: United Kingdom 4
My mom got a facial at a boutique and she looks so lovely! I’ll have to schedule one for myself!
Amelia Apr 30, 2015 From: United Kingdom 4
I wish there were videos to show how to apply everything because I love everything!
Ella Apr 13, 2015 From: United States 4
The body products are fantastic. The body butters smell so heavenly!
Harper Apr 06, 2015 From: United States 5
When do the pink perfumes come out? D: I love the perfumes so much!
abigail Mar 31, 2015 From: CA, United States 5
The sales lady at the mall was so nice but she gave me wrong information. I'm glad I called in and got the right info about the collection I purchased.
Courtney Mar 10, 2015 From: North Dakota, United States 5
I'm really surprised with how nice and effective everyhting is. Wow.
Ellie Mar 08, 2015 From: New Jersey, United States 5
Shipping, packaging and quality of products are top notch.

Great all aroud.
Jackie Mar 06, 2015 From: United States 5
The body products are so nice!
Haylee Anne Mar 01, 2015 From: United States 5
I had a huge issue with a return at a store, but the sales department at corporate helped me out
Jessica Feb 26, 2015 From: United States 4
Hands down the best line of skincare that I've every been able to use. The prices are very high, but seriously they've lasted me a full year.
alexandra Feb 26, 2015 From: OH, United States 5
Shelby Feb 10, 2015 From: UT, United States 4
Still don't understand how gemstones work in skincare, but it's working anyway
Nora Feb 08, 2015 From: United States 5
I like their experess line
Jessie Feb 08, 2015 From: Texas, United States 3
I had a problem with my order and they sorted it out Thanks!
Bianca Jan 29, 2015 From: MI, United States 4
The customer service was soooooooooo nice!
wendy Jan 19, 2015 From: United States 4
The products last me a full year! Just make sure to store them properly and close the lids right. There’s an extra plastic thing that I tried to remove and the sales lady told me that it’s actually another means of preservation. They’re so good! I recommend them.
Debra T Jan 15, 2015 From: MI, United States 4
I think the people here are really nice and I don’t really agree with the prices but I still really like everything especially the ultimate pearl.
Kathryn Jan 04, 2015 From: TX, United States 3
Tracy Jan 04, 2015 From: New Mexico, United States 5
UM, YES. Everything is awesome
Chelsea Jan 04, 2015 From: United States 5
Wow! I was not expecting everything to be so nice!
tonya Dec 23, 2014 From: United States 5
The best thing about Tresor Rare is NOT their prices. They carry upper end quality stuff so if I'm on a tight budget I wouldn't come here. I never have to worry about how my skin would react because I know they will always take my purchases back if I'm not fully satisfied. It rarely happens anyway because their products a fabulous. Staff is always super friendly and helpful and they carry a lot of anti-aging products that protect and nourish the skin.
Deanna Dec 23, 2014 From: United States 4
I use the BX Skin Relaxer series religiously and it does work as instantaneously as it claims! I use it every day for the first week of the month, and then I use it once a week before I go out.
Mary Dec 20, 2014 From: United States 5
I love this company! It has great products! I highly recommend this company, the service is fast and accurate too.
Mary Dec 16, 2014 From: TN, United States 5
A+! I love that it makes my skin so smooth and soft. My mom uses the Express lifting and she looks years younger!
Shirley Johnson Dec 10, 2014 From: United States 5
Express Lifting really does work!
Sandra Dec 07, 2014 From: Texas, United States 5

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