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Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Cream
2.04 oz

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A gorgeous, silky work of art featuring an exclusive, unique combination of comfortable actives sourced from across the world to form an excellent skin mixture which helps in reinstating the skin to its most striking look. The unique combination skin mixture is made of the refining efficiency of diamond dust, gem stones and the softening characteristics of deep water pearls all carefully combined with plant stem cells, Dead Sea Minerals, phospholipids and liposome to form one of the most unique skin-care in the world. The gemstones assist to spread light, for a glowing finish with no noticeable limitations.


(Use twice daily.) Apply cream onto a freshly cleansed face. Apply cream after any concentrates. Take an adequate amount of the cream and dab it on your face in all regions. Rub the moisturizer gently into the skin. Let the moisturizer fully absorb.

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