Eye & Neck
Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Ultra Wrinkle Filler
A potent, breakthrough, remarkable wrinkle corrector for instant and maximum filling ability. The fi..
Eneo Eye Concentrator
An FDA cleared class II medical device, safe and effective for use around your eye area on all skin ..

Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Eye Zone Concentrate
The Complete Age Defying Skin Eye Zone Concentrate is a superb, next-generation time released serum ..
1.2 oz
Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying  Eye Zone Treatment
This silky eye treatment is a lightweight but rich cream that helps brighten the eye area, reduce pu..
2.04 oz

Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Neck Concentrate
The neck, like the eye area, can be one of the first places that shows aging first and requires spec..
1.2 oz
Eye & Neck

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